Handmade valve amps by me*


Tube amps hand built by me*


*Me? Me Who?

Me Eric, the McChanson –  I've built valve amps since the 60s.

Rich experience both in audio valve circuit and amp making.



The McChanson story.

Once upon a time, not too long ago, I was born.  

As a teenager I made my first simple Diode Radio consisting of 4 elements : coil, variable capacitor, diode and headphone… I enjoyed it.

Next I built a 3-tube AM Radio complete with a  speaker… Before this radio was tuned properly it likely transmitted a high pitch frequency to all my neighbour’s radios.  My next project was a 5-tube standard AM Radio with 6SA7 (& 6BE6). 

Next came the exciting era of stereo broadcast using FM.  But FM radio was a bit too hard for me – and unable to make further progress… I turned to new challenges - Amplifiers.  Single channel mono, then two channels stereo… single ended, low power. I made many for friends.  I started to build higher power stereo amps, and Push Pull amps.

I built a stereo SE amp once (using a humble 6AR5 ,the baby brother of the 6V6) and loaned it to a school teacher who used the amp for a Christmas party on two big floors, one channel per floor. The sound was obviously not loud enough & had distortion, but students danced & enjoyed it… I was very bold…. and proud!!

When I think back at those early amps today, most of them were not up to scratch.


In & then out of hibernation.

In the coming of the Transistor / Solid State devices, the valves almost died out (lucky it is only almost). My hobby went into hibernation.

A few years ago, I started building valve amps again for my family - It reignited the passion! So now, from time to time I now build valve amps, which I offer through eBay (the only channel I use). Most amps are made to order, although occasionally, I will have a ready made one available.


Late harvest.

Nowadays, I make really good amps!! I follow the traditional and classic designs with good parts. My goal is to provide good valve amps: including LINE, headphone, buffer amps, Standard SE amps using 6AS7/5998, 6L6GC/KT150 and 300B. I can also build higher power push pull 6L6GC / KT150 amps,  catering to different tastes and flavours to suit. There are types of timE Amp, marzE Amp, and pEar Amps of different designs too.

I want to share my passion and the things I’ve learnt building valve amps all these years, and creating the next generation of valve enthusiasts. 


The End.

It will eventually come… When I am too old to go on. It will be a sad day.  

But McChanson amps will continue to sing loudly and sweetly...


What people say...

Great communication. Amp sounds detailed n clear. Very Very Happy.
— 2W 6FD7 Headphone Mini Tube Valve Amp
Purchased November 2017

Purchased November 2017

Purchased September 2017

Purchased September 2017

Honestly speechless, the quality is unbelievable
— 6BQ5 UL / Triode timE Amp Integrated Tube Valve

Great value, Excellent communicator hand crafted amplifier. Sounds superb.
— pEar Amp 6AS7 with 5998 S/W Parallel tube Valve integrated
Purchased September 2017

Purchased September 2017


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